"Obsessed with these pants. Literally so comfortable and no one can tell they're literally sweat pants"


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"Fabric feels amazing and it's so comfortable. Wore it on a 9 hour flight and it felt great"


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"Put me in the hot mom category. Pants made my butt look great and the top was comfy with a modern look. 10/10"


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"Wore a leze set for 12 hours and still did not want to take it off after putting my baby boy to bed"


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"I want all women to feel that inner and outer glow — no matter your age, race, ethnic background or body type. As you put on your outfit, however you choose to express your personality, I hope you feel the transformation that only occurs when we have the audacity to step into our light. Shine on.” — Hayet Rida


Unfortunately, no. This is a limited edition collaboration, so make sure you don’t miss out!

We ship within North America, Africa, Europe, Australia, and select countries in Asia and Europe. Shipping in North America will be 3-7 business days and internationally will be 7-14 business days. However, please expect shipping delays as carriers anticipate a very busy holiday season.

Our fabric consists of 3 sandwich layers, which means it will keep you nice and cozy, while being super breathable. When you sweat, it is designed to wick away your sweat and dry 200% faster than cotton.

Our fabric has gone through third-party independent testing for pilling against wear + tear and wash + tumble dry 5x in 40° and passed! But we do not recommend using the dryer or washing with rough garments (like denim) as it will cause pilling when rubbed against other materials. Our fabric is not made to be stain-resistant or oil-resistant, but it is easily machine-washable. Simply flip the garments inside and out, wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.