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Versatile Clothing For The Entrepreneurial Spirit


Flexible Waistband

Our thick 3" waistband with invisible elastic sits strategically on the smallest part of your waist for maxmimum comfort at any given time

Removeable Belt

The transitional belt can be added or removed to change the look of the pants, so that your outfit can be dressed up or dressed down.

Adaptive Fabric

Our fabric blend is as comfortable as pyjamas but still has the structure of an everyday pant.

Wrinkle Resistant

Fight against creases when sitting for prolonged periods or curled up in a pile of clothes on the floor.

Moisture Wicking

Our fabrics innovative technology helps regulate sweat in any stressful situation for 200% faster drying process

Odour Resistant

The yarn in our fabric is infused with naturally grounded coffee to fight against odours.