Since 2018, we have donated to organizations to support marginalized communities and missions that help close the poverty gap. This year, we decided as a team that we wanted to find a way to touch individual lives. Introducing LEZÉ Community Fund — a way for you to nominate loved ones and personal causes in your lives for us to support together.


In April 2021, we received an email from Lisa Bourbannais from our community — a loving grandmother and mother who fell in love with LEZE after decades buying mass-produced, cheap garments.

She shared that she is battling terminal cancer and was hoping our Cypress Pants came back in stock because she wasn’t sure how much time she had. We were so touched by her support, we decided to surprise her with a gift. In response, she sent us this photo of her and her husband on their 40th anniversary. 

In honour of Lisa's bravery and joy through this difficult time, we decided to bring initiative to life in her honour. 


Starting June 1 2021, 2% of net sales will be donated to this fund. At the end of every month, our team will personally review your submissions and allocate funds appropriately based on urgency and need. If there is a national cause that month, we may allocate our funds in support of that. 100% of all proceeds from this fund will be donated.

To start, nominate someone in the form below.

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