Meet Jessica — a busy mom of 3. Jessica faced health obstacles her entire life and February landed one of the scariest of them all. After a routine outpatient kidney stone surgery, Jessica was rushed back to the ER that night with what they found out to be a diagnosis of septic shock. After a scary few days and several months of complications a full recovery was finally made. 
Once life seemed to finally be settling down, a huge devastating curveball was thrown the family's way. On October 31, Jess, Brennan and their 3 kids left their home for a fun night of trick or treating in their Texas neighbourhood. When they were just a few blocks away, Jess’s best friend got a call saying "HER HOUSE IS ON FIRE!". They rushed back home to see only thick smoke filling the street, knowing their dog, Moose, was trapped inside. Brennan rushed inside the back door crawling on his stomach to rescue him. Luckily, nobody was harmed, but the only thing they had left after that night were the clothes on their backs and a lot of uncertainties.
This also meant they have been displaced for the last several months. There have been delays waiting for the house to be cleared and permits to get approved to allow them to rebuild. To add insult to injury, they had all been very sick with respiratory issues (RSV and Flu A ) and constant urgent care visits, but without all the comforts of their own home. Thanks to your purchase, we were able to gift Jess and Brennan a new wardrobe as a start to rebuilding their wardrobe. 
Through the whole ordeal, Jessica has a message to anyone going through loss, "You are not alone! While sometimes devastating and trying times can leave you feeling helpless and alone, remember you are NOT. It’s so important to lean into friends, family and community and to just let them be there for you. When we think we are alone, it’s so important to remember there are “survivors” of all kinds of walks out there and SO many that are eager to lend a hand. Loss of all kinds can happen in an instant or over a period of time, but it’s okay to grieve and it’s even more okay to be stronger for it. One day, one step at a time."

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