Leze's story

In 2018, Tanya called Karen after feeling inspired by her shameless tendencies to wear Superman PJ's in public — "What if we could create workwear that was recycled, comfortable and looked presentable?"

After years of purchasing stiff and expensive workwear, the two best decided to turn waste into sustainable fashion as a vehicle to pursue comfort every day.


[pronounced LEH-ZAY; ‘lazy’ but fancy]: the hybrid of pyjama feels and polished structure so you can get things done — comfortably.

Tanya I Co-Founder

All things creative, production + finances. Tanya is always down for ramen, tacos or hotpot. She also has superpowers; her feet size fluctuates so she can fit 2 shoe sizes. Her favourite piece is the Maya Turtleneck.

Karen I Co-Founder

Superfan of Olaf from Frozen and all types of noodles. A strong Enneagram #3 who loves community, logistics + marketing. Ready to 100% cackle to any meme. Karen’s go-to is the Athena Sweater.

Jessica I Community Support

One of those people who puts up their Christmas tree on Nov 1st. She loves serving people as much as she loves old-school diner milkshakes. Shop Jessica’s fav Haven Pant.

Qairyn I Operations

The youngest but most travelled (10 countries!). Qairyn grew up in Malaysia and she’s always on the hunt for aesthetic cafes. She’s *the* G.O.A.T at community-driven ideas + a huge fan of Kendal Pant.


When she's not packing and shipping orders, you'll find Isidora skiing in BC mountains every chance she gets. She is a Cancer who's passionate about spicy salmon sushi and the Athena Sweater.

Eileen I Social

It’s Leo SZN. Eileen is a pro with content creation, engagement + bending her thumb in a 90° angle. When she’s not obsessing over Magnolia’s banana pudding, she’s finding new ways to layer her Amaya Sweater.

veronica I email marketing

Retention pro, but don’t count on her in a cartwheel competition. Veronica is a Scorpio who chases good posture by being a desk worker. She loves vegan Virtuous Pie pizza as much as she loves the Isla Skirt.

Ryan I Technical Developer

Expert in pattern engineering + fit theory. Ryan works his magic at a large desk wrapped up in a blanket and snacking on Nanaimo bars. He won’t ever get sick of Lord of the Rings or the Mira Cardicoat.

Hudson I Paid Ads

Aspired to be a magician as a kid, but now he makes magic through ads. Xiao Long Bao is his MVP and will go for all-you-can-eat in the Kendal Pant. Hudson is a proud Enneagram #9 (‘How can I help’ is his go-to).


FREEDOM -  Exercise career diversity through flexible workwear for the modern working woman.

SUSTAINABILITY - Cultivating conscious retail practices to uphold our social responsibility. 

HONESTY - Being transparent with all processes and advocating for causes that reflect our values.