Meet Susan — 2023 was a difficult year for her wracked with loss. She learned early in the year that her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer so she moved back home to support her father in hospice care. During this time, she also suffered losing her brother-in-law, uncle and cousin. 

Her mother ended up passing away on Mother's Day. If that wasn't enough, her father encountered a freak accident and passed away on Christmas Eve. Susan found herself navigating both the grief and burden of handling her parents' estates, while upholding a full workload at a research centre.
Her friend and co-worker, Stephanie, nominated Susan to give her the gift of professional comfort, so that it removes one cognitive burden from her seemingly impossible to-do list.

We partnered with Pier Point Counselling, a clinical counselling space that hosts psychotherapists and nutritionists who aim to transform mental healthcare from a holistic lens to offer Susan starter therapy sessions, along with a few comfy LEZE sets. 
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