Meet Hannah, talented actor and social butterfly. She has been battling chronic neurotically Lyme disease, one that many don’t understand and therefore lacks a lot of support and access to treatment within Canadian borders. Hannah first noticed a strange bullseye rash on her body, followed by neurological pain all over her body. 

This past summer Hannah spent the entire time bedridden, struggling to work and support herself. It's a constant rollercoaster of extreme weakness, chronic fevers, tremors, and paralyzing pain that makes it impossible for her to walk. Before Hannah got sick, she was a beacon of light to her community and all of those who met her. A talented actor, passionate about her career and on the rise within the industry.

Despite the expensive treatments and toll on her mental health, she continues to fight for herself, her health, and her happiness. Jodie, her sister, nominated her in hopes to stand with Hannah through her medical fight against Lyme Disease. Hannah had this message to share to those who is struggling with LD just like her: 

"You are not alone, you are so loved. I don’t need to know you to hold space for you and your suffering. Secondly, healing is 100% possible. I tried years of treatments before finding the current treatment that's changing my life. At the darkest times, I begged God not to let me wake up; I felt I couldn’t endure another minute of the extreme pain, let alone another day. But now, I've witnessed people go from bedridden to thriving! Before I got sick, I had big dreams—I was pursuing an acting career. Finally, as I emerge from the dark waters of this disease, I’m starting to dream again. You too will dream again. You too will love life again, no matter what storm has come your way. If something feels off in your body, trust your gut and don't give up until you find the answers that work for you."

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