Meet Anastasia - a young mum of 2 who was diagnosed with idiopathic intercranial hypertension after blinding headaches for years. The medication made her so sick that she needed regular lumbar punctures. After being found unconscious at work by her coworker, she was diagnosed with critically high blood pressure which required immediate treatment.

Since then she also has been diagnosed with ADHD and PTSD, among other things. She is also a family violence counsellor, which is quite a triggering field.

However, she doesn't complain and always puts her family first, ensuring her husband and two children are well taken care of. This led to her struggling to find the time and money to prioritize herself - her health, fitness and wellness. 

Anastasia has been with us since the Kickstarter days owning our OG pants from way back when. We donated $1,000 towards their family vacation fund, a LEZE set and we also partnered with some amazing New Zealand based brands Aleph beauty and Anihana to give her the most amazing skincare and makeup sets.


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