Meet Chelsea - On November 12th, 2023 her husband Clinton Paul lost his battle with mental illness. Losing Clinton so close to the holidays was hard on Chelsea as she had to grieve and take care of 4 of their children while having to deal with new financial uncertainties. 

Nominated by Clinton's sister Fallon, her sister in law understood that Chelsea was now left with the tough responsibility of providing for four children as a single parent. Thanks to Fallon's nomination, we were able to lift some of Chelsea's their burdens and made sure they had a good Christmas despite this big loss.

Fallon asked that we share this - Mental illness is an epidemic. To those that are dealing with something similar, while you may feel alone and there is no way out, there is always another way. You are not alone. As someone who has now lost two brothers to suicide, please ask for help. We promise that you are loved and cared for. To everyone else, please check in on your loved ones, especially the men in your life as they tend to talk less about their mental health. 


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