Meet Marc and Krisa - The most caring couple from North Central Regina. Two months ago, the engine on their vehicle broke down and it cost them $4,000 to get it repaired. The vehicle is their lifeline as Marc's main source of income is outside city limits where buses do not run and therefore he was unable to get to work for a while. His employer offered to loan them the amount but it will be taken out of his monthly pay cheque which will make it hard to keep up with bills especially with Krisa unable to work due to her nervous system disease.

Marc and Krisa are described as extremely kind people who have has continuously supported the North Central community. They have neighbours that are struggling with addiction and gang violence. They have given away belongings, offered to fix up homes, taught life skills as well as simply befriending those who need a healthy sense of community. To them, everyone is equal and should be treated the same. Thanks to their daughter Danyelle, we were able to donate a partial amount of the total cost. Please help them reach their goal by donating to their GoFundMe:


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