Meet Dani - Our beautiful model and friend. On July 23, 2023 she was unfortunately diagnosed with an aggressive form of Leukemia shocking many of us in the community. Dani plays a big role in Vancouver's local fashion industry and she inspires others on Tiktok and Instagram with her contagious positive energy. She still does so even while fighting this new found battle.

We recently learned that Dani is in extensive treatment and is unable to work. As a self-employed freelance model and content creator, she does not have access to social support systems such as EI or extended medical plan. Therefore, the post-chemotherapy treatments will have to come out of pocket.
Having to go through 6 months of hospital treatments, including a bone marrow transplant and additional chemotherapy will be expensive. We're grateful to have been able to donate $2,000 towards her recovery. If you are able to, please consider donating directly to her GoFundMe to support supplementing Dani's loss of income and additional medical expenses so that she does not have to be overwhelmed with debt. 


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