Meet Lola, a strong woman who has battled sickle cell disease her entire life. In 2014, she received a bone marrow transplant that almost took her life. Unfortunately, the transplant was rejected and she has been through many more surgeries and debilitating side-effects that have been a barrier to her return to thriving. 

Her sister, Kay, nominated her with the hope that she could be gifted with new clothing that allows her with the flexibility the move with the luxury of looking presentable. We also learned that Lola was interested in starting her own business, as she had an Etsy shop selling masks during the pandemic. 

We decided to gift Lola a capsule collection from LEZE, along with monthly 1-on-1 meetings with our co-founders to launch her own business. She is now working on a medical planner that will simplify the lifestyles of folks living chronic illnesses. Stay tuned for more details!


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