How to Rewear Workwear Outside the Office

There are many ways to shop more sustainably. One way is through the art of rewearing. As capsule wardrobes start to become more popular, people need to get creative with how they style their pieces. 

Here are some ways you can repeat your outfit featuring a fall shacket and wide-leg pants.

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Tips on How to Rewear Items:

Accessorize! Wear staple earrings for a more dolled up look, throw in a cute bag and a hat and see how fast you can go from business woman to supermodel.

Have shoe options. This is not a sign to buy more shoes! As long as you have at least one fancier shoe option maybe a heel or sandal for the warmer times, a pair of nice boots and some casual sneakers, you're good to go.

Invest in basics. A black or white turtleneck, t-shirt and button up long sleeve is essential to a capsule wardrobe. They are the easiest to style and can be added to any outfit. 

Shop neutral colours. Chambray and beige are some examples of neutral colours that are easy to pair with bolder colours like Pine! These colours create cohesiveness to an outfit and makes you look put together.

Let's see how you do it! Join Leze's Rewear Challenge.

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