The Best Travel Outfits That Will Keep You Comfy and Stylish


Sweatpants and sweaters are the best airport outfit attire but it looks like you just rolled out of bed and definitely won’t fly (heh, pun intended) if you have a meeting or event to go to after you land. The best travel-friendly outfit should feel like butter but still look polished. It should also be wrinkle-resistant and breathable to keep you comfortable during your long flight. 
Here are our most recommended travel sets for maximum comfort: 
This set not only looks amazing but it has some functional features to support you:


Say goodbye to creases. Even if you sat in the plane for a 12 hour flight, easily shake wrinkles out and arrive at your destination looking presentable.


You can style the sets up or down! Feeling athletic or business casual? We got you covered. Since it is a workleisure brand, you won’t have trouble finding stylish comfy clothes. Try the Kendal Pant for a more laid back look and the Haven Pant if you’re running to a meeting in a different state.

Big pockets

Real question— who designs women’s pockets? Why are they so small? Not this one though! It fits all your essentials like your phone, passport and boarding pass. Basically, everything you need to get on that plane.

Stretchy material

Not only is this material innovative (we’re talking recycled fishing nets and beech trees over here!), it has the ability to stretch up to two sizes. That means you can have a full meal (or two) on the flight. 

Feels like marshmallows 

No matter what style you get, whether it’s the Kennedy Sweater or the Athena Sweater, it feels like if neoprene had a baby with a cloud that was dipped in butter (yup, you heard that right). You won’t want to take it off even after the flight. 


@missfernandez__ If this ever comes out in a pin tuck wide leg version, I’m getting all colours. This set is from @lezethelabel and their website also features reviews! #fashion #loungewear ♬ original sound - Kristine Fernandez
Rewearing is in. The season less designs are made so you can mix and match endlessly. That means you can pack less in your luggage and worry less about going over the weight restriction. 
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