Meet Mark, a youth pastor of 15 years with a passion for his community. In April 2021, Mark and his wife Theresa both got COVID. Theresa recovered in a month, but Mark has been hospitalized on a ventilator for the past year due to being high risk; he is a diabetic who also had a kidney transplant 10 years ago. 

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Theresa had to take a leave from her job so she could be by Mark's side everyday at the hospital. Before Mark can return home, the family needed to make adjustments around the home. They hoped for a patient lift that could help Mark move from his bed to his wheelchair as he continues his recovery on the ventilator. 

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Thanks to their good friend Sandi, we were able to gift Mark and Theresa the patient lift that they were looking for. We are excited to see Mark make a full recovery and return back to doing what he loves most — serving people at the local food bank and connecting with his community. 


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