Meet Orion - founder of BlackTravelBox®, the Beyonce approved travel kit. Struggling to find products for her many travels, Orion took matters into her own hands and created a brand filled with high quality; TSA-friendly products for Black travellers. Discovering a need for clean and natural products in her community as well as having family members who battled fibroids and cancer, Orion committed to making sure her products are safe for everyone to use. 

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Despite graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Duke University, Orion still faced many challenges as a BIPOC woman trying to secure investments for her brand. Her experience and credentials did not matter in those spaces and instead, she was faced with misogynistic and racist comments. 

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Like many businesses, Covid disrupted the growth of the company. However, Orion never gave up and found her way into Macy’s and even got a shoutout from Queen Bey herself. Even though they were struggling, BlackTravelBox® still managed to make Covid relief kits and donated them to frontline workers in minority communities. 

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Thanks to her good friend Gita, we were able to connect with Orion and gift her the Alicia and Britney Set to keep her comfy while she grows BlackTravelBox® and finally glowing while traveling.

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Know someone that needs a pick-me-up? Learn more about our community fund, where 2% of monthly net sales are dedicated to a personal cause nominated by you.